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How to add friends in the game

Post the “friend me” link in the chat.

How to get the “friend me” link:

  1. Use Chrome (may work with other Browers, please report on success)
  2. Open game
  3. Right click and select “Inspect Element” anywhere on the game interface. This will bring up a frame with a heap of code at the bottom of your screen
  4. Inside the box with all HTML codes, press “Ctrl F” to open up “Find”
  5. Search for thoriumUserID
  6. Note down the number following “thoriumUserID”

eg. James Bond “007007”. Add this number to the end of the following URL
(taken from:

How do I get the link to the boss battle after I started it?

4 Steps (in Chrome):
  1. right click on the quest in the quest list on the left -> “inspect element”
  2. somewhere in the code lines above the highlighted line you’ll find ‘<a id=”actionbtn_<number>” class=….>’
  3. <number> is the number you’re looking for
  4. append the number to this link: